About our research group

The research group Business Informatics is part of the Faculty of Business Economics at Hasselt University (Belgium). Our research group performs research which aims to support decision-making in companies and organisations by modelling data, information and knowledge. In this respect, research is conducted related to data mining, ICT management, process mining, process modelling, decision support systems, auditing and accounting information systems.

Our research group is composed of the following members:

Head of the research group:

  • Prof. dr. Koen Vanhoof


  • Prof. dr. Koen Vanhoof (Full professor)
  • Prof. dr. BenoĆ®t Depaire (Associate professor)
  • Prof. dr. Mieke Jans (Assistant professor)

Teaching assistants:

  • Marleen Theunissen
  • Jo Swinnen

PhD students:

  • Ahmad Al-Ghzawi
  • Mathijs Creemers
  • Zoumpolia Dikopoulou
  • Mehrnush Hosseinpour
  • Gert Janssenswillen
  • Toon Jouck
  • Niels Martin
  • Farahnaz Masoumogoudarzi
  • Gonzalo Napoles Ruiz
  • Hamzah Qabbaah
  • Marijke Swennen
  • Frank Vanhoenshoven
  • Aziz Yarahmadi