A not so gentle introduction to text and opinion mining

Currently, Professor Leticia Arco García of the Central University of Las Villas (Cuba) is visiting our research group. As a member of the Computer Science Department of the Artificial Intelligence Lab, she is an expert within the domain of text mining. Given her expertise and our curiosity, we asked her if she could give an introduction seminar. And so she did, by organizing not one but two seminars, one on text mining and one on opinion mining.

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From relational database to valuable event logs for process mining – A procedure

The huge potential of process mining applications is -luckily- already discovered in a variety of business settings. In industry, more and more companies are learning about its potential value. In meanwhile, academic researchers continue their quest to the best algorithm, the most meaningful metrics, the most understandable visualisations, etcetera. Whatever ‘best’, ‘meaningful’, and ‘understandable’ may be… These are food for thought and discussion on their own. But I’d like to address a different mini-research-topic-on-its-own: the event log.

An implicit assumption in process mining (both research and applications), is the existence of an event log.

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